Apologies for the Delay: Jarhead Review

Hello, denizens of WordPress. My apologies for the delay with my impressions of director Sam Mendes’ 2005 feature film, Jarhead, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper, Peter Sarsgaard and Jamie Foxx.

I spent the day looking heavily into director Mendes’s filmography, trademarks and shot composition alongside his late director of photography, Conrad L Hall.

Moving forward, I hope to upload more insightful appraisals of each film that we deal with beyond the simpler trend identification that was the case with my look into both American Beauty and Road to Perdition.


(from left to right) Director Sam Mendes and stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper at the Los Angeles premiere of Jarhead

On a more immediate note, please expect my account of 2005’s Jarhead later tomorrow in addition to an opening-day review of director Steven Spielberg’s The BFG out in UAE cinemas later tomorrow.

Cheers and happy moviegoing.

Ayub Salim

Editor & Writer

The Cinemorph

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